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Mar 25, 2019

Nick finally made one of Wes’s recipe ideas, Wes has beef with Brussels sprouts and the guys sample different Southern Comfort drinks as they discuss IKEA’s chocolate Easter bunny that you have to assemble yourself, whether or not music can affect the taste of aged cheeses & more!

Mar 19, 2019

Wes has to go to Mexico for a broadcast for his new radio job and refuses to take Nick with him — even though Nick is on the show once a week — Nick is worried that he might have accidentally stolen red and green peppers from the grocery store and the guys discuss what the most popular cuisine in the world is,...

Mar 8, 2019

Nick gained weight and no longer needs to wear a belt, Wes hates that Brussels sprouts don’t taste good unless you add tons of unhealthy stuff to them and the guys discuss the guy who got free Taco Bell for a year after living off their sauce packets for five days when his truck got stuck in the snow, the cheese...