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Sep 28, 2018

Nick is worried about his heath after rapped Lil Xan was hospitalized from eating too many Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, Wes hates microwavable chicken nuggets and the guys discuss the country’s top pizza chains, why you shouldn’t eat ramen noodles, Dunkin’ Donuts dropping the “Donuts” part of their name & more!

Sep 25, 2018

Wes's girlfriend is mad at him because he wouldn't give her the last bite of his hot dog and won't go see Justin Timberlake with her, Nick is very passionate about the length of his French fries and the guys discuss dumb food related injuries, the potato shortage in Europe & more!

Sep 20, 2018

Nick drank a bunch of whiskey and bought a gym membership, Wes thinks that all the food at Mexican restaurants is too similar and the guys discuss National Pepperoni Pizza Day, whether or not customers should expect free drinks at bars based on how many drinks they order & more!

Sep 18, 2018

No one in Wes’s neighborhood will eat the spicy cheese that he brings to parties, Nick thinks that the employees at Chick-fil-A are too friendly and the guys discuss the best deals for National Cheeseburger Day (most of which won’t even be valid anymore by the time you listen to this episode), Mayochup (the...

Sep 13, 2018

The guys finally made s’mores with a flamethrower without even hurting each other or burning the building down and they’re back to talk all about it! They also discuss whether or not the story behind how Taco Bell launched their new delivery service was made up by a marketing firm, why Busch Beer’s new contest...